When You Feed Old Elm® Pigeon Feed
           You are using the best feed obtainable for your birds.

Results are what count.

Ask your fellow club members what they think about Old Elm® Pigeon Feed.   Formulated to meet the needs of all breeds of pigeons, these select mixes are available with protein levels ranging from 12 to 18%.   Whether you race, fly or show pigeons, Old Elm® is committed to providing a complete line of pigeon feed products at nutritional levels every loft requires.   There is an Old Elm® product for every fancier whether one wants pigeons with strength and stamina, superior feathering, or to keep the pigeon's energy level at a peak high.

Only choice grains are cleaned, thoroughly mixed and air blasted before packaging.   All mixes are free of any chemical preservatives for a natural diet.   Strict quality control standards ensure formula consistency bag after bag.   The cleanliness of Old Elm® Pigeon Feed is unmatched and provides the best value for every pigeon hobbyist.

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